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Protecting the People

January 26, 2018


Brom y Asociados works to identify all the risks and needs of each of its client, offering services and security solutions that prevent crime. Alejandro Brom Neyra gives us an overview of the successful firm.

Established in 1993, Brom y Asociados offers high quality and effective services for the protection of property, assets, executives, families and intellectual property, adding value to its clients by preventing crimes such as theft, assault, fraud, kidnapping, and extortion. Additionally, the company generates models and manuals of corporate and family security so that in the event of crimes and serious incidents, the recovery of victims and productive operations will be recovered in the shortest possible time and impact (BCP).

Typically, the firm works with clients in worldwide corporate segments including; Banking, finance and insurance, worldwide and Mexican governments, plus the film and music industry, notably producers, directors, actors, actresses and singers, as well as many more.

Differentiating itself from its competitors, the firm possesses extensive and cultural values which are ingrained into the company culture, and these help to give the firm a competitive advantage. Alejandro explains how these values have helped the company to become the Most Trusted Security Services in Mexico in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards.

“Receiving the distinction in the Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted Security Services within México, represents the recognition that we at Brum y Asociados know we provide high efficiency and quality security services in Mexico. Also, it is a hallmark of our company that recognizes the trust that our clients have given us and the results we have obtained with them.

“As a corporate hallmark, our competitive advantages are focused on introducing our clients to technology, processes, procedures, reliable personnel, specific protection services and quality and efficiency evaluation of all the services we provide in Mexico.”

With regard to the security industry at the moment, there are many challenges within Mexico which Brom y Asociados will face, and Alejandro tells us the main problems that the team will work hard to overcome.

“The main challenges in Mexico concerning corporate security are the mitigation and prevention of internal fraud, assault and robbery, including crimes with information technology. Regarding personal and executive security, as well as safety, the main challenges are the protection and prevention against kidnapping and extortion.

“Unfortunately, the low opportunity for education and employment in Mexico combined with the high rate of corruption and impunity make these crimes, which can easily reach fatal consequences, the main challenge of professional security companies. The companies aim to provide their clients with accurate and timely advice, means of protection and prevention. When these crimes occur, we provide the business continuity plans necessary to maintain productive operations and recover damages and victims with the least amount of damage, and in the shortest possible time.”

Furthermore, Brom y Asociados performs periodical crime analysis and studies in each region of the country to determine the best preventive and reactive measures against all possible risks that all its clients and their own company´s operations can face. Subsequently, the company became a leader in the definition of structures, processes, techniques and strategies for corporate and family security.

Moving towards the future, Brom y Asociados will continue to improve its services within the security industry and carry on implementing stringent strategies which will help safeguard the firm’s clients. Featuring as the Most Trusted Security Services within Mexico, Alejandro and the team will look to use this reputation to cement its position as a leader within the industry.

“Being always in the vanguard in matters of private corporate, executive, personal and family security, Brom y Asociados will soon launch to the market computer programs and mobile apps that currently have only been used with corporate clients. This will help provide clients with useful and preventive tools against crime for the individual and family market allowing this new segment in our company to obtain: safety culture, 24/7 support in cases of emergency, factors and risk management guidelines and evaluation of safety quality indexes for families, small and medium enterprises.”

Ultimately, within the global corporate landscape Brom y Asociados has integrated certifications of international level to strengthen the international market in Mexico. The reason for this is, is that in the not too distant future, it can start operations in other countries, maintaining and reinforcing its corporate culture allowing it to have a positive and reliable impact in the societies and territories where staff provide security services.

Company: Brom y Asociados

Contact: Alejandro Brom Neyra

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