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One Safe Place for All Your Data

January 24, 2018


Established in 2008, DSwiss AG is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital services. Taking time to profile the firm, is CEO, Tobias Christen who reveals more about the company’s remarkable success.

Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Zurich, DSwiss AG is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital services. Our flagship service is the awardwinning digital safe solution SecureSafe. Globally, more than one million customers use this solution to safely store their files and passwords for the long-term.

A digital vault, such as SecureSafe, is the safest, simplest way for anyone to safe-keep their important passwords and files. Through one-step document scanning, the user easily uploads files, such as a passport copy to their vault. Intuitive search functionality enables them to find the document they need at any given time. Moreover, the unique feature of data inheritance enables them to set up planned inheritance for their digital assets. Thanks to the built-in password manager, users log in to their vault on a daily basis to keep track of their ever-growing list of passwords and PINs.

Financial Institutions Offer Our Digital Vaults

DSwiss’ client portfolio counts numerous banks, insurance companies and security service providers including UBS, UniCredit or Zurich Kantonalbank. Banks, such as UBS, have integrated a tailor-made, white-label version of our digital vault directly into their existing e-banking solution. With this solution, they offer their own clients a uniquely safe place to store personal data such as financial or legal documents. Furthermore, clients receive files such as bank statements directly in their personal vaults. For the bank, this means a costefficient, modern way of delivering important information directly to the client.

The digital vault also allows financial organizations or their clients to open shared folders and to specify with whom they want to share certain vital documents. For instance, when clients are in the process of obtaining a loan or getting investment advice. Furthermore, the bank can make forms available to clients, which allow them to move forward with wealth management related tasks, such as initiating transactions. This significantly increases the options the client is presented with when it comes to interacting with his bank online.

Our bank clients describe us as an uncomplicated, flexible collaboration partner and appreciate that we significantly reduce their time-to-market for a new digital solution. Moreover, we are valued for our long-lasting devotion to digital security and
privacy-protection, which makes us a trustworthy partner for any type of company handling sensitive data.

What Makes Us Special?

DSwiss aims to stand out by offering three core advantages: our solutions are secure, simple and Swiss. We guarantee high-end security through state of the art crypto architecture, triple redundant data storage and strong user authentication – offering a level of security comparable to a Swiss bank. Due to our zero-knowledge system architecture, we warrant customers that only they can access their data.

Furthermore, all customer data is stored on servers in Switzerland, which we own and manage. To ensure that the data is protected from force majeure, our disaster recovery server is situated deep in the Swiss mountains in a former military bunker. However, the security is only half the tale; Simplicity is key to making any digital solution a success. Hence, we work very hard to provide our customers with a service that they love to use. Being selected in the run-up for this award, recognises our hard work. As such, we are very grateful for the positive hype it brings around our service. It lets us know that the solutions we offer convince the outside world of their merits.

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