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Manufacturing Equipment for Every Industry

September 11, 2018


Manufacturing Equipment for Every Industry

Mulmuf manufactures exhausts systems for the many different types of engine powered machinery, ranging from smaller applications for Generators, Diggers, Tractors and Forklifts right up to the larger silencer requirements such as large Diesel Generators and Earthmoving and Screening equipment. We profiled the firm as we look to gain an insight into the company’s ongoing success.

Founded in 1989, Mulmuf has been based in Tyrone, Northern Ireland since 2001, and has been based at its current premises since 2011 after purchasing 25,000 sq. ft. premises, leaving it in the ideal location to serve a wealth of customers across the globe.

Typically, the firm deals with an assortment of clients, with many customers operating in the Construction, Mining, Industrial Pumps, Power Generation and Agricultural sectors. One of the company’s major strengths is its ability to adapt and be versatile with its manufacturing processes, depending on the sector that the client is working in.

Setting the business apart from its competitors, Mulmuf has two manufacturing facilities on either side of the border. This enables the company to have a large capacity, and thus allows the team to cater for small and large volumes of machinery. Moreover, the company also provides a complete range of silencer to suits engines, ranging from 1KW to 4000KW. Additionally, Mulmuf also has a large tube manipulation capacity from 1” to 30” pipework capacity.

With technology playing an increasingly dominant part in the current generation, it is integral that the team at Mulmuf keep abreast of any developments which may arise within the industry, and stay ahead of any advances which could cause potential issues to the equipment or business. With new exhaust gas regulations coming into effect, the demand for silencers is decreasing, and so the team has had to alter its business to address the declining sales. The team at Mulmuf could do this through tube manipulation and the implementation of silencers for the large 4000KW generators and CHP units.

Internally, the leadership at Mulmuf have placed a lot of faith in the staff at the company, and are extremely grateful for their determination, hard work and loyalty which has seen the firm achieve an overwhelming amount of success. The team is aware that without its staff, Mulmuf would not succeed, and that each employee plays a vital role in the achievements of the business.

Overall, there is widespread optimism amongst the team at Mulmuf about what the future holds for the firm, as the team prepare for upcoming challenges such as Brexit, the ever-evolving gas emission laws and the rising demand for skilled workers. Looking to capitalise on this success, Mulmuf wants to continually grow at a steady pace and to this, the team will continue to embrace the feedback that it receives from customers, and maintain a certain stand, all whilst aiming to exceed client expectations.

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