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WWBR November

November 1, 2017

Welcome to the November edition of Worldwide Business Review, proving you with the latest insight, information and comment on the world’s leading businesses and the individuals driving them.

In recent news, on the 19th October, the National Retail Federation urged the Senate to move forward on tax reform by approving the fiscal year 2018 budget resolution scheduled for a vote.

In this edition, we learn more about pharmaceutical company, Sintetica who are delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide, through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing. Recently, we invited Corporate CEO, Augusto Mitidieri to tell us more about Sintetica following their inclusion in the 2017 Best Small Businesses of the Year Awards.

Elsewhere in this issue, we learn more about Turkish Civil Aviation who have entered a rapid growth trend since the beginning of 2000’s. As a natural result of this development, a select group of captain pilots, who dedicated themselves to aviation, have foreseen that the need for pilots would increase and established AYJET Flight Training Organization in 2005.

On the topic of aviation, as a Norwegian ground handler that was established in 2013, GA Partner is a fresh newcomer, but not an unexperienced company. The history of the founders is within aviation and goes back to the mid 80’s. Taking time to provide us with a profile of the well experienced company, is the firm’s operations manager, Henning André Ogann who discusses all things GA Partner.

Lastly, this year Tristar Products celebrates its Silver Anniversary! Tristar Products, Inc. is a totally integrated product marketing company that specializes in ‘As Seen On TV’ products. Following their success in the 2017 Small Business Top 100 accolade, we interviewed the company’s founder, President and CEO Keith Mirchandani to learn more about Tristar’s remarkable range of products.

Here at Worldwide Business Review, we truly hope you enjoy reading this informative edition and look forward to hearing from you.

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