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The Decorous Gardener

December 14, 2017


Established in 1994, Garden People Ltd, formerly known as J.Heath Ltd, began serving both private and public sectors across the Lothians and Fife.

In 1972, John Heath started gardening commercially after working at the National Trust garden ‘The Suntrap’, just outside of Edinburgh. Throughout the years, Garden People Ltd has quickly grown into becoming one of the largest garden companies within the area. Garden People Ltd has been handed down a generation, and is still being run and organised by J.Heath.

Garden People Ltd cater for all gardening needs, from a simple grass cut, supplying new plants or replacing old ones, to paving, fencing, decking – even tree surgery. The company have a whole host of other services, all of which are provided by the reputable company, which has been operating in Edinburgh for over 50 years.

Gardening runs in John’s family. After leaving school, John moved up to Scotland (born and raised in the West of Ireland) as undergardener in Ayshire. Taking several courses as well working at the National Trust garden at ‘The Suntrap’, just outside of Edinburgh, John then set up his own gardening business with the help of his wife, a few tools and a fair amount of knowledge. Ten years later, John’s work now covers Edinburgh, East Lothian and is growing towards Glasgow.

The success and rapid growth the Garden People Ltd have had over the years, is a truly commendable achievement. John has tended to and nurtured his business since the beginning, hence why it comes as no surprise that Garden People Ltd are becoming one of the largest and most respected gardening companies within the Lothians and Fife area.

As for what John’s own garden looks like, he describes it as a “A blooming mess! As I don’t have the time to work on my own, we tend to grow but we then have to leave them to come up. Instead, I give a lot of plants to my neighbour though, and he has a beautiful garden.”

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