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Living in a World of Constant Change

December 7, 2017


Sky and Space Global Ltd.’s mission is to provide affordable voice, data and instant messaging services, to anyone, anywhere at any time. We spoke to Meir Moalem, CEO and Managing Director, to find out more about the firm and the services that it offers, as well as discussing its own success, including winning 2017 Global Excellence Awards and Most Innovative Communication Solutions.

This technology will allow telecom operators, enterprises and communication service providers to deliver affordable connectivity services to remote locations that do not have access to reliable and affordable connectivity services. Meir goes into further detail about the firm’s mission and what attributes there are which contribute to its success.

“In order to achieve our mission, we are building a constellation of 200 nanosatellites and forging strong partnerships with key players in the industry.

“Throughout the company, staff are very passionate about innovation and product excellence and everyone in the company is directly involved with the decisionmaking process and is passionate about what we do, so we put a lot of effort into our work.”

Following on from the team’s passion about innovation and mission to provide the best possible service, Meir describes the internal culture within the company, and how he ensures that all of his staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients.

“At Sky and Space Global, we have a commitment to quality and integrity. This commitment is fundamental to meeting our responsibilities, and to building and maintaining a deep sense of trust with our clients, our shareholders, our people, and society.

“Moreover, this is why we hire the most talented people. Also, we have established service quality standards and rigorous product testing procedures to ensure our partners and customers are getting the best possible quality.”

What differentiates the firm from its competitors within the communication industry is the company’s belief in its own solutions, with the team genuinely believing that their solutions best suit the client, and this is reflected in their work, something Meir is keen to comment on. Sky and Space Global strongly believes that affordable connectivity is a basic human right in today’s world. As such, they are committed to providing affordable access to essential voice and data services to remote locations in developing economies across the world.

“Nanosatellites have thus far been utilized in the earth observation domain as part of commercial business models, mostly controlled by smallsatellite operators. However, no company other than Sky and Space Global is working on utilizing the nano-satellite narrow-band connectivity in the mainstream communications domain, especially in the civilian sector. This is what makes Sky and Space Global unique.

“Additionally, Sky and Space Global is also building a proprietary network management software platform that will enable the satellite constellation to function autonomously, conducting both health management and essential transmission activities. This will remove the need for a widespread network of ground stations for round-the-clock telemetry and replace it with an interconnected capability covering all the nanosatellites in the constellation. The ability of our system to manage satellites autonomously makes our nanosatellite constellation truly unique in the industry.”

Ultimately, there is plenty to look forward to for Sky and Space Global, with positivity running through the company. Meir signs off by predicting what the future holds for the company, alluding to the fact that Sky and Space Global is aiming to cement its position as one of the communications market.

“Moving forward, the first step is the commercialization of the three Diamonds. Following that will be the ongoing development of our operational equatorial constellation. This is a huge challenge, to deploy hundreds of satellites in space, control and operate them as a commercial system. As part of the constellation development, we will expand our customer base and our services, to fully utilize the potential once we start deploying the satellites in space.

“Lastly, we believe that constellations of small satellites will soon be able to provide more and more space related services to every human being at affordable prices. By focusing on delivering satellite connectivity services, rather than on the satellites, Sky and Space Global will be able to maintain its position in the market and will keep providing competitive services and, more importantly, affordable connectivity to the people who needed it the most.”

Company: Sky and Space Global Ltd

Contact: Meir Moalem

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