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A Creative, Innovative and Unique Mission

November 23, 2017


Sejel is a pioneer IT Service Provider in e-Government Services incorporating the Smart e-Payment Solutions in addition to the unique Pilgrims e-Services (Haj e-Services).

Fundamentally, Sejel is one of Saudi Arabia’s top IT Management Consulting firms. The firm’s services range from Management Consulting, Enterprise Technology Solutions to Turn-Key Solutions under the Build, Operate and Transfer Investment Model (BOT). As a Strategic Management Consulting firm, the firm partners with government, semigovernment and private sectors to provide and deliver guidance to and consultation of strategic leadership in their respected industries.

Leveraging the key elements of its affiliates and partners along with their corporate expertise, the team offers assistance to both public and private entities in implementing innovative e-solutions and improving key management, financial and operational metrics to guarantee quick and planned Return on Investment (ROI). Ahmed tells us how long the firm has been in business, as well as where the firm is based and what he believes sets the company apart from its competitors.

“Established in 2002, Sejel have been operating in the market for over 15 years. The firm is a pioneer in its field, being the leader in e-government services, which are integrated with the smart e-payments solutions.

“Vital to our success is how we differentiate ourselves from others. What helps to distinguish Sejel from other similar firms is our location, and the fact that we are always looking to be unique within the market. The team is specialised in our respective field (Pilgrims e-services), and collaborate closely with our success partners to provide the best service to our clients.

Winning this award is a big achievement for the company, as it looks to achieve its mission of becoming the leader in the Pilgrims e-services market. Serving a wide range of clients, Ahmed explains how the company tends to deal with wellrenowned organisations.

“Sejel provides services to, and deals with large and highly qualified organisations. Therefore, our goal is to create a service which will match our customer’s requirements and expectations, producing a product which will ensure client satisfaction.

“Usually, we are looking to provide the optimum solution for our client’s requirements, and
to get their satisfaction. Client testimonials have been integral to the success of the company as a lot of business comes through word of mouth. Returning clients are also a big indicator of Sejel’s success.”

Staff play a big role in the success of Sejel, and Ahmed comments on the firm’s stringent hiring structure. In order to make it to the top of the industry, sometimes companies will have to overcome challenges which present themselves.

“Essentially, our target is to bring the highest qualified people to be part of our infrastructure. Working in such a competitive market leads to new opportunities presenting themselves and avenues opening up. Our main challenge is to provide the best possible service we can to the customer as we work hard as a team in an attempt to make our customers and clients happy.

Looking towards the future, Ahmed mentions that Sejel’s innovative nature and the culture within the company will enable the company to continue to provide unique services to its clients, ensuring it stands out amongst other firms within the industry. He signs off

“Moving forward, our plan is to create a unique service, using our innovation to supply new products to our customers, before rolling out these products to become worldwide, resulting in the company helping from our clients and team.

“Finally, we would like to thank our clients and the honoured team in Sejel on their effort which made our dream, reality. Also, we would like to thank our lovely readers on their patience to read this article.”

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