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Vinci Capital Markets Brings Transparency to Forex Trading

March 8, 2017


Vinci Capital Markets, a new leader in online forex trading, puts customer satisfaction front and center by offering transparent pricing and technology policies to make forex trading accessible to everyone.

Vinci Capital Markets, a newcomer to international online forex trading, having started just six months ago, delivers the transparent service that online currency trading customers are looking for. The company believes in, and provides, a no-haggle pricing arrangement, with easy access to the best web-based trading platforms and mobile technology. Forex traders with Vinci will be able to trade freely, knowing that the trading price shown is the price given, and that the platform technology is secure.

The pricing policy is the starting point. Vinci's practice is simple: one a trader selects an instrument to trade, the exchange rate (for a currency pair) or the price (for commodities or CFDs) will not change. Even if the rate on the open shifts before the transaction is completed, the trader will still get the last rate seen he clicked to implement the trade. This trading policy limits the broker's ability to profit from moment-to-moment changes in trading prices, but it benefits the customer, especially in the currency trading markets, by making every trade easier to understand.

A simple, powerful trading platform is Vinci's second big promise to the customer. Vinci Capital Markets offers access to the best online forex trading platform, the Sirix Webtrader. Sirix is a fully web-based online financial trading platform, optimized for the currency trading markets. The platform gives forex traders instant access to detailed charting options to plan and track online forex trading activity in real time, as well as access, via one account login, to mobile and tablet trading options.

Siris is a webtrader, so there is nothing to download and no risk to the individual online trader's home computer. Access is gained through the internet, so any terminal with a functioning and secure web connection will do. The trader simply enters Sirix via the browser, enters his trading account login, and activates the trading interface to start the session's currency trading. The same easy process works for mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. Sirix is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems. Vinci's offering of the Sirix Webtrader to forex customers is part of the broker's commitment to transparent business practices.

All of this – the commitment to customer satisfaction, the top of the line webtrader, and the transparent business practices – combine to put Vinci Capital Markets in a leadership position in the online forex trading industry. It's a position based on building customer trust the right way – by earning it, through working for and promoting the online trader's best interests.

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